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August 2001-Present
JPagliaro & Associates
San Diego, California
Marketing Consultant

Provides marketing and business development consulting for companies ranging from early-stage startups to mature, global corporations. Develops comprehensive business and marketing plans; corporate and product positioning strategies; marketing communications and brand development; and direct and indirect sales support programs. Produces advertising, PR, sales collateral, interactive/internet and sales/channel support material as required on a project basis.

January 2000-August 2001
The Townsend Agency
San Diego, California
Executive VP, Advertising & Interactive

Member of the executive management team, director in the general management of agency business and department head of the agency’s 25-plus person advertising and interactive operation. Responsible for: new business development; client acquisition; contract negotiations; marketing & campaign strategy; corporate & product branding; and director of all advertising account service, media, creative, production and interactive services, programs and projects for agency and its clients. Grew firm’s branding and campaign development expertise resulting in significant economic growth for the operation and in the agency’s position as one of San Diego’s largest agencies as reported by industry listings. Positioned and directed the highly successful branding of the San Diego Telecom Council. Agency clients included regional consumer products and services to international, b2b and b2c Fortune 500 accounts.

1988- 1999
Pagliaro/ Kuhlman
San Jose, California

Founded & grew the marketing and advertising firm to one of the largest, most respected agencies in Silicon Valley. As the agency’s chief marketing and campaign strategist, actively directed the strategic planning, execution and executive management of all client programs. Clients included: AT&T, Boeing, CF Motorfreight, Coherent, Heritage Bank, Memorex, NCR, NetManage, San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau, SJ Tech Museum, Siemens, SyQuest, Toshiba and many more. Sold business in 1999.

San Francisco, California
Senior VP, General Manager

General Manager of a branch operation of NWAyer, a billion dollar, international agency headquartered in New York. Managed business operations, a staff of over 40 and maintained active involvement in the strategic planning, direction and execution of all client campaigns. Among honors: awarded “Wine Campaign of the Year” by Wine Spectator, industry publisher, for producing a marketing strategy and campaign approach that not only increased sales for client, Weibel Vineyards, but also contributed to the overall growth of the wine industry.

Reiser Williams deYong
Irvine/San Francisco, CA
Senior VP, General Manager

Reorganized and grew a Northern California satellite office to become Silicon Valley’s second largest agency and ADWEEK’s Top Ten Fastest Growing Agency in the West in less than 18 months. Primary responsibilities included: business development; client acquisition; contract negotiation; marketing and business strategy; account planning and program management; corporate and product branding/campaign development; management of a staff of 40 account managers, media, creative and production personnel; branch operations and P&L. Directed the initial positioning and marketing launch of Sun Microsystems through IPO and first half billion in revenue within three years. Directed the launch (NCR Tower) and continuing marketing campaign of an OEM/Reseller Operation of NCR that grew from zero to $1 billion in annual revenue in first five years. Other clients served included: Computerland, Pizza Hut, Sony, Symantec, Toshiba, Weibel Vineyards and a variety of rapid-growth startups. As a senior executive and corporate officer, contributed to the agency’s overall market position and successful acquisition by a major New York agency, NWAyer, in December of 1987.

Lear Siegler
Anaheim, California
Director of Marketing Communications

Responsible for all advertising, press relations, channel and sales support for the leading supplier of computer terminals, the Lear Siegler Dumb Terminal.

Beckman Instruments
Fullerton, California
Advertising Specialist

Responsible for marketing scientific/biomedical instrumentation and electronic components.